Our competence, your comfort.

We have been providing comfort in your vehicles for over 25 years.

All times reliable and competent. As a supplier in the automotive sector, we consider it our responsibility to provide you with only high-quality material. The aim behind this is to enable problem-free and efficient further processing. In this way, we contribute to the comfort of every vehicle, regardless of whether it is a combustion engine, electric or hybrid vehicle; we are ready.

EMI - Shielding for e-vehicles

The abbreviation EMI means "electromagnetic interference". Alternatively, the term EMI is also used synonymously for EMC, the "electromagnetic compatibility". Due to an increased number of electronic components, there is a risk of electromagnetic interactions, which can lead to interference of signals in sensitive components.

In order to prevent such interfering signals and to protect components, we manufacture the required casings for you. From small sensor shields to entire battery boxes.

Heat protection at the highest level

Extreme temperatures often arise in vehicles due to the combustion process, for example in the engine compartment or exhaust tract. In order to protect important components and vehicle occupants, we have specialised in producing the appropriate heat protection elements as required.

These are used, for example, in vehicle areas such as:

  • Engine compartment
  • Front wall
  • Exhaust manifold
  • Exhaust tract
  • Wheel well
  • Underbody

Effective noise shielding for vehicles

In addition to heat shielding, Braun products are also an effective pre-material for acoustic insulation. With the help of the micro-perforation, emerging acoustic energy can be better forwarded to the insulation material. That is to say, these moulded parts can be used specifically in noisy vehicle regions to reduce noise development.

Through various processing steps at Braun, the desired material can be customised to achieve the best result possible.

Would you like to learn more about the processing?

We are happy to advise you, feel free to ask us!

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