Electrical engineering

Because we believe in technical progress.

Ready for the future

For several years now, the demand for electrical appliances has continued to rise. From small everyday companions like a smartphone, to refrigerators, medically necessary devices or future-oriented photovoltaic systems. The forecast for the coming years shows a further increase in electrical appliances - we remain ready to deliver for you.

  • Medical technology
  • Communications technology
  • Energy technology
  • Robotics

Copper as an essential component

Copper plays a crucial role in electrical engineering due to its outstanding properties. As one of the most important materials, it is used for electrical wires, cables, circuits, and numerous electronic components. The high electrical conductivity of copper enables efficient current transport with low resistance, minimizing energy losses and improving the efficiency of electrical systems.

Furthermore, copper possesses excellent thermal conductivity, which is particularly important for controlling heat generation in electrical devices and ensuring optimal operating temperatures. The pronounced corrosion resistance of copper ensures a long lifespan for electrical connections and components, especially in humid environments. Additionally, copper is flexible and malleable, allowing it to be shaped into various forms and sizes to meet the requirements of diverse applications.

Our possibilities with copper

As a long-standing trading partner for non-ferrous metals, we have various delivery options in the copper sector. From small strips for further processing in electrical components to copper sheets in large format for construction projects.

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