Further areas of application

Beyond the limits - and even further.

In addition to the usual areas of application, Braun materials are also used in the aerospace industry, for EMI shielding and in energy technology. The use of high-quality material and the primary characteristics of the materials are decisive for the application of a material. The use of parts made of aluminium is extremely popular. Due to its low specific weight and good formability, aluminium has conquered many areas of application. Aluminium as a lightweight material.

EMI shielding
Energy technology

Areas of application

Due to the high material variety and processing possibilities of Braun GmbH, the material can be used for the most diverse applications. Primarily, it is used in the areas of application as shown, where it recommends itself due to its properties, but it can also be used quite versatile for all other purposes.



Household appliances

Construction industry



Mechanical engineering

Electrical industry

Do you have a different application area?

If your application area is not listed, please contact us and we will assess the material's suitability for your projects. You also have the option to obtain samples to test the material's application-specific properties. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have.

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