Household appliances

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Household appliances refer to electrical devices used in private households to facilitate daily life or perform specific tasks. These include kitchen appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, or microwaves, as well as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, irons, and other devices for household cleaning and maintenance. Entertainment electronics like televisions, radios, or sound systems can also be considered household appliances. Typically, household appliances are designed for use in private households and are characterized by easy operation, sturdy construction, and high reliability.

What is produced?

Formed and punched parts

On our die-cutting machines we can produce individual die-cutting patterns for you, both as individual blanks and in the form of roll material. The material can be implemented in all desired designs and meets customer requirements through precise and careful work.

The result?

Acoustic and thermal insulation

Moulded and stamped parts are used to shield and transmit heat, moisture or noise. This effectively protects the delicate inner parts of the devices and other components. Furthermore, gases can be reliably contained and radiation (also mild radioactivity) can be shielded, as required.

Would you like to learn more?

If you would like to learn more about our processing capabilities, we invite you to visit Braun GmbH Folien-Prägetechnik. There, you can also find information about other processing options offered by Braun company.


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